About Us

My dear ladies and esteemed gentlemen,
You are most welcome to Good Manners, an online dry goods shop based in Boston, Massachusetts.  
Good Manners specializes in the sophisticated high styles of our cultural past, embedded with new design ideas. For distinguished women and men living in the 21st century while maintaining a classical sensibility and taste, we offer fine apparel and accessories that won't break the bank. Please, take a moment or three to peruse our American made shirts, artisan ties, lacy flowery dresses, Victorian waistcoats, vintage inspired handbags, and other wonderful products.
We are, yours truly, and we appreciate,

Good Manners


Our Story


There was once a girl from Melbourne, Australia who used to run and play deep in the forest. Inspired by the Aborigines, little Miss Jennifer made her own paints with colored rocks she found in the rivers and created art. Jennifer continued to create art after arriving in America, and though society tried hard label her – painter, drawer, designer, animator, creative director – she remained a dynamic spirit fascinated with color and style and texture. Now a resident of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, Jennifer is frequently stopped and complimented on the color and style and texture that she has applied to her own appearance, as Jennifer’s choice of fashion is merely another avenue of her artistic love. As an Australian of the British Commonwealth, Jennifer has a special fondness for British styles. Her many years in America have also spoken to Jennifer’s heart, and resulted in her love for vintage-inspired American styles as well. Overall, Jennifer appreciates lovely and charming garments that well-mannered people with colorful spirits would wear.



Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Andrew belongs to the American northeast.  Having pursued a course of study in philosophy and physics at the university along the Genesee River, Andrew is a man of ideas and ideals. At heart a writer and a dreamer, Andrew is committed to the rebirth of American society, on the shoulders of American industry, in order to restore the glory of our history, and to inspire new heroes with high ideals, strong principles, and good manners. Alarmed at the dismantling of American textiles and manufacturing, Andrew’s preference in garments strongly favors those produced locally or domestically.