Pink Martini

Founder Amir Bahar continuously travelled worldwide to be mused by the lifestyle and latest trends from the global market place. The heavy influence of music, pop culture, and fashion really set Amir to take matters into North America by creating a label that would represent his wanderlust desires. In 2006, Amir decided to plant the life of the contemporary woman’s label Pink Martini. This label would set apart from other labels creating a culture that was not strictly based in North America.

Pink Martini caters to the confident, and intriguing woman. She’s a creative soul, with a desire to know. She loves to travel, and her influence is based on the places she knows or dreams of going to. Her style is influenced by culture, music, and trends.

Our brand has evolved over the years with it’s vintage inspired collections. Our design team creates eclectic prints that separate us from other retailers. The loveable designs add warmth to your closet with floral prints, rich fabrics and delicate knits.

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