Scully: Old American Wear for the Modern American Man

Posted: Oct 21 2012

Wahmaker, vests, waistcoats, made in USA, frock coats, town coats, suspenders, trousersSince the early days of the American nation, the common man and the well to do both never rarely left the home without waistcoat, tie, suspenders, and trousers of a fine fabric.

And Scully Leather has been there for over a century to meet the American man's basic needs.

Founded in California in 1906, Scully Leather began with fine quality leather gloves and jackets. Today, Scully continues to operate in California with a much broader array of dry goods, for the vintage inspired man as well as for Hollywood. HBO's Deadwood, depicting Victorian era Americans of the Old West, frequently relied upon Scully for authentic fashionings old America. Scully's Wahmaker line, manufactured in America today, boasts a number of quality items for today's American man with an appreciation for the cultural context of his nation. Good Manners is proud to show off the high class and workmanship of a number of Wahmaker garments that we carry.


Wahmaker vests are perfect for regular wear with casual pants, work wear with a tie or evening wear with suit, jacket for frock. In fact, Good Manners carries Wahmaker coats and frocks as well!  

Complimenting a button-up shirt, our Wahmaker waistcoats come in a variety of colors, patterns, and buttons, all finely crafted, and all 100% American.