Freebie Friday at - Win a Melie Bianco Carol bag from Good Manners

Posted: Nov 15 2013


It's Freebie Friday, and BUST is teaming up with that adorable little shoppe on the corner, Good Manners, to give away this oh so sweet and lovely carry-all, the Carol bag, full big enough to fit all your essentials, including your laptop!

Good Manners was started by Jennifer and Andrew, a visual artist and a literary artist respectively, to fill the needs of well mannered women and men who maintain a classical sensibility and taste. Good Manners supplies a plethora of wonderful gifts, apparel, and accessories, including shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, neckties, waistcoats, button-downs, belts, bracelets, sewing kits, lunch boxes, and more! These fine items, including the Carol Bag, can be found at

For more information or to enter the giveaway contest, click here.