Posted: Nov 05 2012


Good Manners offers British and vintage-inspired designs for ladies and Made in USA garments for gentlemen.

As purveyors of fine fabrics and arbiters of refined taste, Good Manners aims at dressing well-mannered individuals for work and leisure. Good Manners is established by Jamaica Plain team, Jennifer and Andrew, to curate a fine collection of apparel and accessories inspired by the elegance and grace that earlier generations prided themselves on in daily wear. 

Jennifer presents the Ladies’ Shoppe at Good Manners, with British and vintage-inspired purses, watches, shoes, tops, dresses, cardigans, coats, skirts, jewelry, and other goodies. Good Manners offers some of the hottest women’s brands in the London fashion scene, including Darling, Sugarhill, Yumi of London, and Disaster Designs. Good Manners is also the first US retailer of watches from Olivia Burton.

The Ladies’ Shoppe has a modern take on classical styles. Jennifer explains, “English grandmothers have the most adorable clothes! Knitted cardigans over dresses or blouses with creative patterns on soft fabrics and little details that really make you stand out, like charming embroidery, peter pan collars, and unique buttons.” Good Manners embraces a code of etiquette that has been largely lost. “You can see great women’s fashion in Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs,” Jennifer says, “And the focus was not on showing skin or having a short skirt, but on being ladylike and emphasizing our femininity. 

Andrew presents the Gents’ Shoppe, with a fine collection of Made in USA soaps, grooming supplies, coats, blazers, waistcoats, shirts, pants, belts, and ties. The Gents’ Shoppe at Good Manners specializes in American manufacturing, and is set to becoming a go-to place for American-made men’s clothing and accessories.

“Historic-era programs like Boardwalk Empire emphasize fabric details and qualities of American textiles that raise the bar on how a man should present himself today,” Andrew contends. “At least in terms of an appearance one could take pride in.  But clearly not for etiquette, for which we’re reminded of real people from that era like James Stewart, Gary Cooper, and Cary Grant, to show us what it means to be a gentleman.”

Jennifer and Andrew believe in elevating societal standards and improving quality of life through good thoughts, good words, and Good Manners.


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