Grace Kelly's Hitchcock Series - Dial M For Murder

Posted: Nov 03 2012

Grace Kelly's Hitchock Series

Grace Kelly, indisputably one of the greatest fashion icons of the mid-20th century, appears in wonderful representation of some of the greatest fashion styles of the day in three films of Alfred Hitchcock, namely, Dial M For Murder (alongside Ray Milland), To Catch a Thief (alongside Cary Grant), and Rear Window (alongside James Stewart).

Dial M for Murder

In London, Tony Wendice, a professional tennis player, discovers that his wife, Margot Mary Wendice, had an affair with an American writer. Tony plans the an elaborate plot to murder his wife and hide his part in the crime behind a strong alibi.

The character of Margot Mary Wendice is a fashionable Londonite, which Grace Kelly exhibits with...well, with grace. Here are some nice screen shots from the film. Take a look at...

...the lacy sleeves on this Gracie Dress (click on these links for a treat!)...

...the leather handbag...

...the pink cardigan, and...

...the warm wool coat with side buttons.


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