Virtually speaking about style

Posted: Sep 15 2012

by Sal Cesarani

As a veteran fashion designer, I’ve watched many metamorphoses of menswear during the last few decades. I’d like to offer some thoughts on how designers and retailers can respond to this brave new world.

Starting with “dress-down Friday” in the late 1990s and continuing today, when so many of us conduct business over a computer or phone, our appearance has become secondary. What’s more, with a serious decline in printed newspapers, magazines and catalogs, fewer people are seeing/feeling the inspiration and romance of great clothing they used to get from beautiful photographs in glossy publications. In this fast and changing technological world, we’re losing the origins of, and compulsion for, proper dress.

In the clothing business, we’ve always been faced with changes — a lower gorge, wider lapels, fuller trousers, flat front versus pleated, etc. Now, it’s the tech-savvy generation that’s setting the pace. What manner of dress does the young tech entrepreneur want? I still believe that even today, it’s all about personal style — the fabric, the look and especially the fit of the clothes. What’s exciting is that we can now show it, and discuss it, virtually!

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